This solution explains various user settings you can control in Smart Home Hub using SmartThings Connect app. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using Smart Home Hub which can be found here   

Access Samsung account settings

Samsung account will display your email address that is linked to your account and allow you to enable or disable notifications associated to the account.

To gain access to Smart Home Hub settings:

  1. Open up SmartThings App
  2. From the home page, tap the hamburger icon (bottom right corner)
  3. Tap the gear icon (top right corner)


Allow you to view all notifications that have happened over time. You can access how to control your notification reports in the Advanced section.

Android Auto

Control your SmartThings / Smart Home Hubfrom your car.

Voice Assistant

Displays any voice controls activated in your SmartThings, you can manage your voice assistance by going to Settings > Connected services.


Experimental features that are available for certain devices, models, or countries. These features can be removed by Smartthings at a moments notice (as they are experimental). Some example lab that can be performed is "Virtual Switch" for instance.


Brings you to the Samsung store. 

Advanced features

This section will allow you to manage and toggle various options related to your Smartphone and account.

Get your location from this phone

This option will allow Smart Home Hub to use your GPS to get your location for geolocation related functions (such as playing a automation if you are near or close to home) when enabled.

Tapping the switch on the right will toggle enable/disable.

Sync Favorite

Syncs your favorites to your Samsung account so you can see the same favorites on all of your devices. 


Allows devices to push notify you if a device turns on or off, opens/closes, or detects motion for example. 

Suggestion Cards

Shows cards on favorites tab to let you know about useful features. 

Linked Services

This option will allow you to manage accounts for services linked to your Smart Home Hub. All services such as Alexa, Google, IFTTT will appear here if properly installed.

Accessing each individual service will allow you to:

  • Allow service to access all devices, scenes, routines.
  • Help - to provide you quick guides on using that service.
  • Uninstall

Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth automatically

This option will turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on automatically when SmartThings Connect is opened through your SmartPhone when enabled.

Tapping the switch on the right will toggle enable/disable.

Ask to add new devices

When your phone detects a device nearby that can be added to Smart Home Hub, a pop-up will appear that lets you quickly add the device without opening SmartThings Connect when enabled.

Tapping the switch on the right will toggle enable/disable.

Personal data

Privacy Policy

Allows you to access Samsung most updated privacy policy for the use of SmartThings as a service. It will go over information they obtain from Smart Home Hub, how it is used, and other such information. 

This will open your default browser to display that information.

Download personal data

You can download all data about your own personal data that has been collected and stored. Only data collected by Smart Home Hub will be downloaded.

Personal data gathered by third party apps will not be downloadable here. You'll need to request that information from the third party directly.

Leave SmartThings

Erase all of your Smart Home Hub data and delete the SmartThings service from your account.

Auto update devices and services

Allows you to choose if your Smart Home Hub automatically updates for your devices and services. You have the option to turn this off, Wi-Fi only, or Whenever available (data rates may apply).

About SmartThings

This will give you more information about your hub and other service details. The firmware version of your Smart Home Hub  will be displayed on the main page here.

On the top right side of this screen, an ( i ) icon can be tapped to open the SmartThings app information in "App Info" where you can check for notifications, permissions, storage & cache, mobile data use, and other advanced options.

Contact us

You can look at FAQs, view any previously viewed questions from yourself, ask a new question, call customer service, or report a problem. 

All help requests from this area of the app will go to SmartThings support team who should be able to assist with any software related issues you may have. 

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