This article will lead you through transferring your old Z-Stick Gen5 network to a Z-Stick Gen5+ or to any new Z-Stick Gen5 unit and forms a part of a larger Z-Stick Gen5+ user manual.

0. Requirements

1. Download and install Aeotec Backup Tool

1. Download the Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Tool by clicking on that link.

2. Unzip the file to any directory that you desire.

3. To open up the Aeotec Backup Tool, double click on "zwave_500.exe"

2. Connect your Z-Stick Gen5 to Backup Tool

1. Close any software that is connected to your Z-Stick Gen5. 

To make sure, unplug your Z-Stick then plug it back in to force a disconnection to any connected software.

2. Open up the Z-Stick Gen5 backup tool software.

3. Your Z-Stick Gen5 should automatically connect. 

Refer to the top and bottom of the image below which indicates a successful connection:

Successful Automatic Connection

At the top: "Port Name: COMX Chip Type: ZW0501 Ver.3.95"

At the bottom: "Load ZStick Success"

These 2 messages will indicate a successful connection to your Z-Stick Gen5.

Failed Connection

It is possible that your Z-Stick Gen5 may not automatically connect, then the Backup software will show as the image below:

At the top: nothing.

At the bottom: "Application Load ZStick Fail !"

Please continue to step 4 if this is the case.

4) Unplug your Z-Stick Gen5, then plug it back in after waiting for 1 second.

5) Click on Settings -> Port

6) Then select the COM number that your Z-Stick Gen5 is associated to. 

If you are unsure, please check your Device Manager in Windows. In the image below, COM 8 is the Z-Stick Gen5.

7) If you do not see the correct COM number, close down Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software, and open it back up and return back to step 2 of this section.

3. Create a backup your old Z-Stick Gen5 Network

1) Click on "Read Eeprom" located at the bottom of the tool.

2) Find the location that you want to save your backup *.bin file

3) Give it a name for you to easily identify (ie. ZWaveBackup2-4-2017)

4) Click on Save

5) Your Backup Software will start performing operations to backup your network, take a coffee break. 

This'll take about 3-5 minutes.

6) Your backup is now complete.

You can now safely backup your network in any case you need to replace your Z-Stick Gen5. Just click on OK and close down your software.

4. Connect your Z-Stick Gen5+ to Backup Tool

1) Close down the Aeotec Backup Tool

2) Unplug your older Z-Stick Gen5

3) Plug your new Z-Stick Gen5+ into the same USB port.

This should ensure that the Z-Stick Gen5+ uses the same COM port which will help simplify the Z-Stick connection process to the Backup Tool.

4) Open up Aeotec Backup Tool again.

Confirm that your Z-Stick Gen5+ is automatically connected before moving onto the next section. If not, please follow section "Connect Z-Stick Gen5 to Backup Tool".

5. Connect your Z-Stick Gen5+ to Backup Tool

1) Locate the *.bin file that you named it in section "Backup your Z-Stick Gen5 Network."

2) Click on "Write Eeprom" located at the bottom of the tool

3) Locate the *.bin file that was created when you performed the backup on your older Z-Stick Gen5, then click on the file.

4) Click on Open

5) Sit back and relax with a nice cup of Joe, while the software restores your network. 

This should take roughly 4-5 minutes.

6) Click on OK and close the Backup Software.

7) Now Unplug your Z-Stick Gen5.

8) Wait 5 second, then plug it back in to initialize the new restoration changes.

9) Your transfer to the new Z-Stick Gen5+ is now complete.

Connect your Z-Stick Gen5+ to the software that you were using previously.