This page lists Aeotec Smart Home Hub product technical specifications for Aeotec Outlet and forms part of the larger Smart Home Hub user guide. 

Name: Aeotec Outlet
Model number:

EAN: 4251295701684

Plug type: Type G / Type F

Power: 230V 10A (2500Watt)

Switch type: ON/OFF

Metering: Watt, kWh, A and V

Hardware required: Aeotec Smart Home Hub 

Software required: SmartThings (iOS or Android)

Radio protocolZigbee3

Power supply: Wall-Powered / Outlet

Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz

Indoor/Outdoor use: Indoor only

Operating distance: 

50 - 100 ft

15.2 -  40 m

Dimension of Button:

2.05 x 1.77 x 2.85 in

51 x 45 x 72 mm


64 g

2.26 oz

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