This page lists a solution to use Garage Door Controller Gen5 with Fibaro HC3 and forms a part of the larger Garage Door Controller user guide. 

To use the siren in HomeCenter 3 (HC3), please download the Quick App and integrate it into your HC3.

Garage Door Controller Gen5 Quick APP Download 

1. Login in your HomeCenter 3.

2. Add the Garage Door Controller Gen5 to the HomeCenter 3.

2.1. Open menu with "gear wheel".

2.2. Change to Devices.

2.3. Press the blue "+" button.

2.4. Choose "Z-Wave Device".

2.5. Check the box

       -Device is located far from HomeCenter 3

       -Add in security mode if device supports it

2.6. Press the button "Start adding".

2.7. Press the button on the back of the Garage Door Controller.

1 device are created.

- Barrier Open/Close Sensor

The QuickApp supplements the device with the additional control.

2.8. Find out the ID of the Parent device of the barrier and write it down.

3. Upload QuickApp

3.1. Open menu with "gear wheel".

3.2. Change to Devices.

3.3. Press the blue "+" button.

3.4. Choose "Other Device".

3.5. Choose "Upload file".

3.6. Choose the downloaded file and press open.

A new device is created.

4. Setup Quick App

4.1. Open the setting by pressing the right arrow.

4.2. Choose an Icon and press save.

4.3. Change to Variables.

4.4. Edit the variable "device_ID" by pressing the open on the right side.

4.4.1. Enter the ID of the smoke detector and press OK.

4.4.2. Press Save button.

5. Change to Dashboard and find the new device. 

Use the "OPEN" and "CLOSE" buttons to control the Garage Door Controller. The current status is displayed above the buttons.

Various displays:

- opening

- closing

- Open

- Close

- Unknown... gate state unknown

- Already opened

- Already closed