NOTE - SmartThings now officially supports aerQ without a custom device handler, this device handler is not needed. The standard driver is now "Z-Wave mold detector". 


  • (12/30/2020) 
    • Basic Integration
  • (1/05/2021)
    • Changed type to thermostat
    • Added threshold parameter setting for temperature and humidity (Parameter 1 and parameter 2)
    • Added periodic report setting (Parameter 4)
    • Added Dewpoint attribute
    • Does not appear in app interface, but will show in the SmartThings IDE in the device states, and will update along with temperature and humidity reports.
  • (1/08/2021)
    • Wrote parameter setting check to ensure all parameters are correctly set, if not, sensor will re-check again on next wakeup.
    • Parameter setting values update on SmartThings IDE interface (as a state)
  • (1/12/2021)
    • Fixed Parameter 4 value check when updating parameter values.
  • (1/22/2021)
    • Added generic-humidity vid to aërQ device handler
    • Dashboard will now show humidity on aërQ widget
  • (1/27/2021)
    • Created new device profile
      • mnmn: "0ALy"
      • vid: "dfc32c7e-4fad-30a7-9806-a1e123a8b4a4"
    • Dashboard will now display Temperature instead of Humidity.
    • Fixed setting description typos.
  • (1/28/2021)
    • Added Parameter 64 - internal temperature scale setting for C or F
    • Added software Temperature offset
    • Added software 
  • (1/29/2021)
    • Created custom capability for Dewpoint Measurement
      • "capability": "forgottenreturn26666.dewpointMeasurement"
      • "version": 1
    • Dewpoint Measurement now appears in SmartThings

1. Install aërQ Sensor DTH
  1. Login to Web IDE:
  2. Go to "My Device Handlers"
  3. Create a new Device Handler by clicking on "New Device Handler" button in the upper-right corner.
  4. Click on "From Code."
  5. Copy code from (ërQ/devicetypes/smartthings/
    aeotec-aerQ.src/aeotec-aerQ.groovy), and paste it into the code section. 
    • (Optionally you may use the driver with parameter settings based on the standard driver by SmartThings here:
    • Click on Link
    • Click on "Raw" (button on top of the code box in github)
    • Press "CTRL + a" to highlight all code
    • Press "CTRL + c" to copy highlighted code
    • Go to SmartThings IDE code input screen and click on its box
    • Press "CTRL + v" to paste all copied code.
  6. Click on "Save", then wait for the spinning wheel to disappear before continuing.
  7. Click on "Publish" -> "Publish for me"

2. Now pair the aërQ Sensor

  1. Open SmartThings
  2. Select "+" located at the top right corner (second icon from the right)
  3. Select "Devices"
  4. At the top right of the screen select "Scan Nearby".
  5. Now tap the button 3x times on aërQ Sensor to pair it.
  6. SmartThings will ask you to secure pair it, tap on "Setup Secure"
  7. Now "Scan QR" or "manually enter DSK code"

3. Configure aërQ Sensor internal settings

1. Open up SmartThings
2. Go to aërQ Sensor page:

3. Click on the 3 dot icon "More Options" at the top right corner
4. Click on "Settings"
5. Tap any of the parameter settings that you want to configure.
  • Parameter 1 - Min Temperature Report Value
  • Parameter 2 - Min Humidity Report Value
  • Parameter 4 - Periodic Report
6. Input the value within the range specified, then press "Save'
7. Tap on the back arrow key button.
8. Now tap the aërQ Sensor button once, this will wake up the sensor without having to wait. Alternatively, aërQ Sensor will configure on the next wakeup report (happens once every few hour).


3. Troubleshooting

I updated my device handler, but the dashboard does not show temperature, and the information does not show.

  • You will need to delete the old device handler first, and then follow section "Install aërQ Sensor DTH" again. This will refresh the Metadata, and allow aërQ to properly update in SmartThings Connect.

    1. Change the device handler manually on aërQ Sensor to any other device handler (doesn't matter). If you have multiple aerQ Sensors, make sure to change those too.
    2. Delete the old aerQ device handler
      1. Open the aerQ Device handler (under "My Device Handlers")
      2. Click on "Device Type Settings"
      3. Press the red button at the bottom labeled "Delete"
    3. Now re-install the new aërQ device handler following the top most section in this article, "Install aërQ Sensor DTH." 
    4. Go back to the each aërQ and change the device handler (alternatively you can unpair and re-pair your aërQ sensors).

I am unable to pair.

  • Try factory resetting your aërQ  Sensor following the steps below. It won't matter if your aerQ is paired or not, you'll be able to unpair/factory reset it this method regardless.


  1. Open SmartThings app
  2. Find your hub in the dashboard and tap on it to open up the hub page.
  3. Give it a minute to load up completely.
  4. Tap More Options (3 dot icon) located top right corner
  5. Tap Z-Wave Utilities
  6. Tap General Exclusion
  7. Triple tap your aerQ Sensor Action button within 1.5 seconds.
  8. Your SmartThings interface should confirm that it removed a device.

4. Screenshots of aërQ Sensor DTH interface

SmartThings Connect:

 SmartThings IDE: