This page provides step by step instructions to setting the default sound and volume of Siren 6 of the 8 possible default sound/volume levels in SmartThings using the standard edge driver by SmartThings and form part of the larger Siren 6 user guide. 

How to configure sound/volume of Siren 6 in SmartThings

Follow these steps to configuring your Siren 6 output sound when used with SmartThings Home Monitor, these steps assume that your Siren 6 is already paired to your SmartThings home network:


  1. Open SmartThings app
  2. Find your Siren 6 Widget in the list of devices.

  3. Tap on the Siren 6 widget to open up the Siren 6 page.
  4. Tap on More Options (3 dot icon - located top right corner)

  5. Tap on Settings in the popup screen
  6. You should now be on the sound/volume control screen (known as preference/setting page), this will give you 3 settings to configure, and an option to send your set configuration.

    • Component name-this determines what 8 available sounds that you could configure.
      1. Browse - Main - also the main/parent sound control of Siren 6
      2. Tamper - Sound2 - known as sound 2 in the list of controllable devices, this controls the sound/volume played when the vibration sensor or tamper sensor is triggered (when you move the Siren 6 too often).
      3. Button one - Sound3 - determines the sound/volume of button one when pressed, or when Sound 3 is controlled from SmartThings.
      4. Button two - Sound4 - determines the sound/volume of button two when pressed, or when Sound 4 is controlled from SmartThings.
      5. Button three - Sound5 - determines the sound/volume of button three when pressed, or when Sound 5 is controlled from SmartThings.
      6. Environment - Sound6 - determines the sound/volume when Siren 6 receives a environment type z-wave alarm command. (ie. smoke sensors, CO2 sensors, etc)
      7. Security - Sound7 - determines the sound/volume when Siren 6 receives a security type z-wave alarm (ie. motion sensors, door sensors, etc)
      8. Emergency - Sound8 - determines the sound/volume when Siren 6 receives a emergency type z-wave alarm.
    • Volume set in % - this determines the volume level of your sound
    • Sound # - this determines which of the 30 sounds are played, you can refer #1-30 to the sound previews found on this page here:
  7. First input the Component name.
  8. Second input Volume set in %, decide what you want here, but for an alarm, I would recommend inputting 85.
  9. Third input Tone, refer to the sound preview page and decide which sound # you want.
  10. When you are done, click on the toggle switchon step 4 which will push your configuration you've done between steps 7-9.
    • If already toggled OFF, just toggle the button ON
    • If already toggled ON, toggle the button OFF -> ON
  11. You can now test the sound component that you configured the default of. These are the reference of the Sound components to the main UI of the Siren 6:
    • Browse - Main
    • Tamper - Sound2
    • Button one - Sound3
    • Button two - Sound4
    • Button three - Sound5
    • Environment - Sound6
    • Security - Sound7
    • Emergency - Sound8