This solution shows you how to integrate compatible third party hubs or services such as Phillips Hue with AutoPilot server. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using AutoPilot which can be found here 


Connect Phillips Hue hub with AutoPilot

AutoPilot server and Phillips Hue can be linked to allow control of all Phillips Hue devices connected to a Phillips Hue hub. All devices already connected to Phillips Hue hub will automatically be usable in AutoPilot server.


1. In AutoPilot server, select "DEVICES" in the top most menu.

2. Select "Third Party".

3. Select "Phillips Hue".

4. Select "Connect Hue Bridge".

5. Physically tap the button on Phillips Hue hub.

6. All devices already connected to Phillips Hue will appear, assign them to a space or add them to the dashboard.

7. Select "Save"

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