illumino Dimmer Switch is only compatible with Trailing Edge dimmable LED bulbs, and not compatible with Leading Edge. If a non-compatible bulb is used, the bulb will flicker when dimming up and down.

First, the minimum and maximum power must be within 5W and 150W for the total amount of bulbs used with illumino Dimmer Switch.

Minimum LED Bulb load: 5W

Maximum LED Bulb load: 150W

The list below are directly tested to ensure compatibility over illumino Dimmer Switch by testing a single bulb of each to ensure they dim each bulb properly. You may also visit our bulb compatibility page by clicking this link.

BrandPower (W)Color Temperature (K)
BaseAmazon Link
Ascencia9 W2700 KE26
Cree11 W2700 K
16 W
2700 K
Great Eagle14 W5000 KE26
Phillips10.5 W2700 KE26
6 W3000 KGU10
5 / 8.5 W
2700 K