Migration from another hub isn't easy and can be time-consuming. This guide will leave you through all the necessities when migrating Zigbee and Z-Wave devices to your Smart Home Hub. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using Smart Home Hub which can be found here.

Change Zigbee channel for older Zigbee devices.

Smart Home Hub by default uses Zigbee channel 25 upon initial setup. This channel unfortunately does not work well with older Zigbee devices. If you find that you are not able to connect older Zigbee devices although they are factory reset, you'll need to change the Zigbee channel that older Zigbee devices use. 

These steps are necessary if you are migrating older Zigbee devices to your new Smart Home Hub. 


  1. Login to: http://ide.smartthings.com/
  2. Click "My Locations"
  3. Click on a Location "name"
  4. Click on "My Hubs"
  5. Click on your newly setup Smart Home Hub, the default name of it would be "Hub" if you didn't change the name after setup.
  6. At the bottom, click on "View Utilities"
  7. Select one of these channels: 14, 15, 19, 20, or 24. 
    • We recommend Channel 24.
  8. Click on "Update" underneath "Change Zigbee channel".
  9. Wait 1-2 minutes as it will take some time for the channel to change.
  10. Click on "My Hubs" and select your hub if you have to.
  11. Look under the "Zigbee" row, which you can verify which Zigbee channel is being used.

Migrate from SmartThings V1, ADT, or Link.

For hubs without a direct migration process, you'll need to manually disconnect and then reconnect your Zigbee and Z-Wave devices from your previous hub, to your Aeotec Smart Home Hub. 

These SmartThings hubs do not have the capability to migrate:

  • SmartThings V1
  • SmartThings ADT Home Security
  • SmartThings Link for Nvidia Shield
  • Other Z-Wave or Zigbee Hubs

If you do not have a SmartThings V2 or V3 hub, you'll need to perform the steps for Zigbee and Z-Wave specifically to get them connected to your new hub.

Migrate Z-Wave devices.

All Z-Wave devices can only be connected to a single Z-Wave hub at a time. If you did not factory reset or unpair it from your previous hub, you will need to do so now before you can connect it again. If you no longer have the older hub, you can use your new Smart Home Hub to factory reset it using its Z-Wave Exclusion function.


  1. Move your Z-Wave device within 10ft of your Smart Home Hub.

  2. From SmartThings app dashboard, tap Main Menu.

  3. Tap Devices.

  4. Find your Hub and select it.

  5. Tap the More Options icon.

  6. Tap Z-Wave Utilities.

  7. Tap Z-Wave exclusion.

  8. Tap the button on your Z-Wave device to factory reset it. Some devices require special button presses, so you may need to refer to your Z-Wave device manual if a single button tap does not work.

    You may continue to factory reset multiple devices by repeating step 8 to speed up your factory reset process.

  9. Go back to SmartThings dashboard.

  10. Tap +.

  11. Tap Device.

  12. Search "Generic Z-Wave Device"

  13. Tap "Generic Z-Wave Device"

  14. Tap Start

  15. Select Hub and Room, then tap Next.

  16. Tap the button on your Z-Wave device to connect it. Some devices require special button presses, so you may need to refer to your Z-Wave device manual if a single button tap does not work.

Migrate Zigbee devices.

All Zigbee devices must be manually factory reset and must have a method to reset them in order to connect them to a new hub. When transitioning, you’ll need to perform the manual factory reset outlined by the Zigbee device manufacturer. 


  1. Manually factory reset your Zigbee device (refer to your Zigbee device manual for the correct button combination). 

  2. From SmartThings dashboard, tap +.

  3. Tap Device.

  4. Tap By Brand.

  5. Tap or search the Brand of your Zigbee device  (ie. Aeotec or SmartThings)

  6. Tap the type of device your Zigbee device is using.

  7. Tap Start
  8. Select Hub and Room, then tap Next.
  9. Tap the button on your Zigbee device to connect it. Some devices require special button presses or a re-power of your device, so you may need to refer to your Zigbee device manual if a single button tap does not work.

Migrate from SmartThings V2 or V3.

With the change from Groovy to Edge drivers, the migration tool no longer works. You must factory reset or unpair each device and pair them.

It is recommended to:

  • Have both hubs operational and running at the same time.
  • Unpair and re-pair "Groups" of devices and re-program the automation one piece at a time. For example if you have 3 devices necessary for an automation, unpair those 3 devices, re-pair them into Aeotec Smart Home Hub, and re-program the automation.
  • Do it slowly, re-create your network one at a time by factory resetting or excluding devices, then re-pair them to the new hub so that you have the lowest downtime for your automations. 

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