This page lists the technical specifications for WallMote and form part of the larger WallMote user guide.

Name: illumino WallMote 7

Model number: ZWA022

Product Weight: 20 g

Total Package Weight:  35 g

Product Dimensions: 104 x 46 x 13 mm

Package Dimensions: 127 x 76 x 64 mm

Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus Series 700

Z-Wave Firmware: 7.13.6 or later

Z-Wave Security level: Non-secure, S2 Unauthenticated, or Authenticated.

SmartStart: Yes

Repeater: No

Beaming: No

Number of child nodes: 2

Number of buttons: 2

Press functions per Group Association: 


Press and Hold


Press functions per Scene use:


2x Tap

3x Tap

4x Tap

5x Tap

Press and Hold


Control use: 

Scene Control 

Group Association

Power supply: 2x 3.0V CR2032 batteries

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C.

Operating humidity: 8% to 80%.

Operating distance: 

Up to 394 feet outdoors.

Up to 120 meters outdoors.

Supported Command Classes:

    • Association Group Information V3 or later
    • Association V3
    • Multi-Channel Association V2 or later
    • Multi-Channel
    • Battery
    • Central Scene V3 or later
    • Configuration V4
    • Device Reset Locally
    • Firmware Update Meta-Data V5
    • Indicator V3
    • Manufacturer Specific V2
    • Powerlevel
    • Security S2
    • Supervision
    • Transport Service V2
    • Version V3
    • Wakeup V2
    • Z-Wave Plus Info V2
    • Multilevel Switch V4 or later
    • Binary Switch V2 or later