This page lists the technical specifications for WallMote and form part of the larger WallMote user guide.

Name: illumino WallMote 7

Model number: ZWA022

Product Weight: 20 g

Total Package Weight:  35 g

Product Dimensions: 104 x 46 x 13 mm

Package Dimensions: 127 x 76 x 64 mm

Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus Series 700

Z-Wave Firmware: 7.13.6 or later

Z-Wave Security level: Non-secure, S2 Unauthenticated, or Authenticated.

SmartStart: Yes

Repeater: No

Beaming: No

Number of child nodes: 2

Number of buttons: 2

Press functions per Group Association: 


Press and Hold


Press functions per Scene use:


2x Tap

3x Tap

4x Tap

5x Tap

Press and Hold


Control use: 

Scene Control 

Group Association

Power supply: 

2x 3.0V CR2032 batteries

Warning - Make sure you do not use bitter CR2032 batteries, these batteries have a bitter coating to them which may cause the battery not to work in some cases due to the coating. Make sure to use batteries that do not have any coating.

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C.

Operating humidity: 8% to 80%.

Operating distance: 

Up to 394 feet outdoors.

Up to 120 meters outdoors.

Supported Command Classes:

    • Association Group Information V3 or later
    • Association V3
    • Multi-Channel Association V2 or later
    • Multi-Channel
    • Battery
    • Central Scene V3 or later
    • Configuration V4
    • Device Reset Locally
    • Firmware Update Meta-Data V5
    • Indicator V3
    • Manufacturer Specific V2
    • Powerlevel
    • Security S2
    • Supervision
    • Transport Service V2
    • Version V3
    • Wakeup V2
    • Z-Wave Plus Info V2
    • Multilevel Switch V4 or later
    • Binary Switch V2 or later