This guide will go over the update of your ZB-Shield and forms an expanded guide to ZB-Shield user guide.

Warning: Firmware update of the ZB-Shield is at your own risk.  Failure to properly firmware update your ZB-Shield will result in loss of warranty. We assume no liability for any loss of data due to damage of the ZB-Shield during or by the update. Please use only the firmware file provided on this solutions page if you proceed with its firmware update.  


  • POPP ZB-Shield
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or 4
  • Operating system Raspian Buster
  • Putty or similar software for SSH access

Preparation of the Raspberry Pi

  1. For an existing system with current usage.
    • Disable the connection between your software (e.g. Home Assistant) and the ZB-Shield.
  2. When using a newly installed Raspberry Pi
    • Disable Bluetooth as described below

Disable Bluetooth

  1. Log in to your Raspberry Pi via SSH.
  2. Enter the following command to edit the configuration.
    sudo nano/boot/config.txt
    1. Scroll down with the arrow keys and enter the script below the last text.
      1. Raspberry Pi 4

        #Diasble Bluetooth



        1. Save with CTRL+X
        2. Confirm with Y
        3. Confirm with Return
      2. Raspberry Pi 3

        #Diasble Bluetooth



        1. Save with CTRL+X
        2. Confirm with Y
        3. Confirm with Return
  3. Deactivate the shell mode on the serial interface. Enter the following command.
    sudo raspi-config
    1. Choose Interface Option
    2. Choose P6 Serial Port
    3. Choose NO
    4. Choose YES
    5. Close the menu
  4. Restart the Raspberry Pi to activate the changes. Enter the following command.
    sudo reboot
  5. Wait a few minutes for your Raspberry Pi to reboot. 

Installation of Python 3

  1. Log in to your Raspberry Pi via SSH.
  2. Update your system to the current state with the following command
    sudo apt update
  3. Now start the installation of Python 3 with the following command
    sudo apt install python3 idle3
    1. Confirm with 'Y' when prompted

Installation of Update Tool

  1. Use the following command to download the latest tool and firmware to your Raspberry PI
    git clone
    1. Change to the directory
      cd elelabs-zigbee-ezsp-utility
    2. Install the additional required tools with the following command
      sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
    3. Download the firmware with the following command
      sudo wget  -O fw.gbl
  2. Test the connection to the ZB-Shield with the following command
     python3 probe -p /dev/ttyAMA0

Note: If an error is displayed, please check if all programs connected to ZB-Shield have been closed. Disable Bluetooth and check your interface settings.

Perform Update over ZB-Shield

  1. Start the update with the following command.
    python3 flash -f fw.gbl -p /dev/ttyAMA0

  2. Check if the update was successful. Enter the following command.
     sudo python3 probe -p /dev/ttyAMA0