This solution will show you how to utilize your Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro with dry contact and forms part of the larger Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro user guide. 

The Door / Windows Sensor 7 Pro has the capability to work with any dry contact sensor, as long as the sensor you are attaching outputs dry contact signals, then you may connect and configure Door Window Sensor 7 Pro to utilize your dry contact sensor to

You'll need these things to make this work:

  • Small gauge wires (preferably stranded 18AWG, you will not need these if your dry contact sensor already has 2 wires attached).
  • Any dry contact sensor
  • A Z-Wave Controller that can configure custom parameter settings

Configure Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro:

Method 1. Manual Button press to configure. 

There is a manual way to change the use of magnet sensor and dry contact sensor by 5x tapping the tamper switch within 2 seconds. 

To toggle between the magnet and dry contact sensor mode:

  • Tap the tamper switch 5x times within 2 seconds
  • Then test the magnet sensor to determine what mode it is in. 

Method 2. Parameter Setting via Z-Wave Hub

You'll need to set this parameter setting to set your Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro to utilize the dry contact terminals for control rather than its internal magnet sensor. 


  1. Find your Z-Wave hubs method to configure Z-Wave device parameter settings (also known as Configuration Command Class)
  2. Send this parameter setting to Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro
    • Parameter 1 [1 byte] = 1
  3. Now tap the tamper switch on Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro to wake it up and take in the new configuration.
  4. Test your Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro to ensure the setting took:
    1. Place your magnet near your sensor, and then move it away.
    2. Ensure that the LED does not light up as the magnet should no longer trigger your sensor, this is a good indicator that the dry contact terminals are in control.

Wire a dry contact sensor your Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro:

  1. Remove the cover of Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Feed the wires through the right 2 holes on the Door / Window Sensor 7 Cover.
  4. Connect the 2 dry contact sensor wires to terminals 2 and 3 and screw them in.
  5. Replace the battery
  6. Test your Dry Contact Sensor to ensure it triggers your sensor.
  7. Place the cover over your sensor to finish the installation. 

Dry Contact Internal Parameter Settings: