In order to update the Z-Stick 7, this actually uses the standard library for Z-Wave. Downloading PC Controller 5 should give you all of the latest firmware updates but it's buried way inside the installed folders for Z-Wave SDK files. 


  • Windows PC
  • Simplicity Studio 5 (A software environment for developers)
  • PC Controller 5 (A software tool that is a part of the Simplicity Studio environment)
  • Any Series 700 Z-Wave Dongle (Z-Stick 7, etc). 

If you do not have Windows.

(Highly Recommended) Use ZWaveJS UI to update Z-Stick 7.


Using Z-WaveJS UI is the easiest method to firmware updating your Z-Stick 7. I would highly recommend updating using Z-WaveJS UI over any other method to firmware updating. 

You can find the firmware update article using ZWaveJS UI here: 

If you do use Windows.

1. (IMPORTANT) - If you do not have PC Controller 5 or Simplicity Studio 5, follow these steps on a Windows PC to gain access to PC Controller 5 which you can access how-to here: Z-Wave command class configuration tool download.

2. You can download the Z-Stick 7 firmware update available below. 

Download V7.19.2 update:

  • All Frequencies
    • May sometimes change your frequency to another, make sure that you check the frequency and change it back to your original frequency if it does happen. 

Download V7.17.2 update:

3. Open up PC Controller 5 through Simplicity Studios.
4. If your Z-Stick 7 is not immediately connected to the tool, click on the GEAR icon -> Select the COM port -> Press OK

  • If you plugged in your Z-Stick after opening the software, click on "DETECT" then select the COM port. (Z-Stick 7 will always be listed as "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge".
5. Now select "OTW Firmware Update"

6. Select the downloaded attachment file in the folder where you downloaded the firmware update file from step 1. (File Name should be zwave_ncp_serial_api_controller_BRD4206A.gbl, this can be used with any z-wave frequency):

7. It will take about a minute to finish after the firmware update is done.

8. It is recommended to:

  • Wait 1 minute
  • Closeout PC Controller 5 software
  • Unplug your Z-Stick 7
  • Wait 1 minute
  • Then plug your Z-Stick 7 back.

Note - If your Z-Stick 7 is already running firmware 7.17.2 or later, this firmware update will fail instantly (but will not negatively affect your Z-Stick 7).