SmartThings has the capability to add custom device handlers to enable the compatibility of unsupported devices. The device handlers must be installed in the SmartThings account you are using. It is possible to use standard device drivers by SmartThings to avoid having to program your own.

Note - custom device handlers cannot operate locally.  

After you have installed and configured your Smart Home Hub, you can log in to your SmartThings Cloud.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your SmartThings or Samsung account. 
  3. Choose "My Device Handlers"
  4. Choose "+ Create New Device Handler".
  5. You can now choose between 3 options.

  1.  "From Template" - Select this option if you want to create a new device handler for a new device with features that are already supported. This step is recommended only for advanced users.

  2. "From Example" - Select this option if you are using a device with SmartThings that matches the functions of an already provided device handler. E.g. Z-Wave Remote. This step is recommended only for advanced users. 

  3. "From Code" - Select this option if you can copy the device handler code from a community site or the manufacturer's site. 

    E.g. - Remotec Scene Master. This step is simple and most device handlers can be found in the community or in the Support Desk of Z-Wave Europe.
    1.  Copy the Device Handler code into the empty code field. Select  "Create".

                   2. Choose "Save" and then "Publish For Me"

3. After you have created the device handler, switch to the "My Devices" tab. Now select the device that should be supported by the device handler.

4. In the settings of the device and select under "Type*" the "Device Handler" you have installed. Usually, you'll have to scroll down the list under "Type *" to select your installed device handler.

Note - Your custom device handler will be located at the very bottom of the list. 

5. Select "Update" and your settings for this device will be saved.