When paired with Aeotec Smart Home Hub and the SmartThings software that the hub uses, aërQ Temperature and Humidity sensor user guide will offer the following features that can be viewed or used in automation as a trigger:

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Dew point (This is triggered if humidity level is greater than 70%)
  • Mold Health Concern
  • Battery level

Custom edge driver containing customizable parameter settings available here: Edge Driver guide

Steps to connect aërQ to Aeotec Smart Home Hub (SmartThings).

  1. Open SmartThings app. 
  2. Tap"+" located at the top right corner (second icon from the right). 
  3. Tap "Add device". 
  4. Tap "Scan Nearby" at the bottom.
  5. Open the battery cover of your aërQ Sensor (keep it open so you can scan the QR or enter the DSK).
  6. Now tap the Action Button 3x times within 2 seconds on aërQ Sensor.
  7. Scan the QR code or choose to enter the DSK code (pin code located under the QR barcode)
  8. Now wait about a minute and your device should show up as "Aeotec Multipurpose Sensor", feel free to rename this.

Automate with aërQ.

You may use any of the sensors on this device to control lighting, switches, dimmers, or other connected devices in your Smart Home Hub.

  1. From the main Dashboard of SmartThings, tap "Automations" at the bottom. 
  2. Tap (at the top right corner).
  3. Tap "Add automation"
  4. Under IF, tap +.
  5. Tap Device status.
  6. Tap on your aërQ.
  7. Select one of the available options to be used in automation:
    • Mold health concern
      • Good
      • Unhealthy
    • Temperature
      • Input a range between 14 - 122 degrees
      • Determine if you want it to be
        • When temperature matches
        • When equal or above
        • When equal or below
    • Humidity
      • Input a range between 0 - 80% 
      • Determine if you want it to be
        • When temperature matches
        • When equal or above
        • When equal or below
    • Battery
      • Input a range between 0 - 100 % 
      • Determine if you want it to be
        • When temperature matches
        • When equal or above
        • When equal or below
  8. Tap Done.
  9. Determine if you want it to trigger after a certain amount of time in that state using "Stays this status for how long?"
    • If enabled, enter 1, 5, or 10 minutes, or a customized time frame.
  10. Tap Save.
  11. Tap + under Then.
  12. Select what you want this automation to do based on the condition you set from the aërQ.

How to remove aërQ from Aeotec Smart Home Hub (SmartThings).

These steps can be performed even if aërQ is not yet paired to your Aeotec Smart Home Hub.

  1. Open SmartThings
  2. Find your hub in the device list, then select it
  3. Tap More Options (3 dot icon) located at the top right corner.
  4. Tap Z-Wave Utilities
  5. Tap General Exclusion
  6. Now tap the Action Button 3x times within 2 seconds on aërQ.
  7. SmartThings should confirm that it has removed a device.
  8. Now try the pairing steps at the top again.


1. Have issues pairing your device?

  • Move your Sensor within 4 - 10 ft of your Aeotec Smart Home Hub, it's possible that it is too far.
  • Remove power from Aeotec Smart Home Hub for 6 minutes, then power it up again.
  • Remove power from aërQ for 1 minute, then power it up again.
  • Try factory resetting or excluding your aërQ.
    • Exclude first in case the device actually paired to your hub otherwise it will leave a phantom device in your network that will be difficult to remove.
    • Perform a manual factory reset
      1. Press and hold the Action Button for 10 seconds on aërQ.
      2. If successful, after flashing green a few times, it should become solid green before de-activating. 

2. aërQ showing up as a generic device?

  • Check if SmartThings picked up all of the correct information, follow the below steps to check:
    1. Login to: my.smartthings.com
    2. Click the 3 dot icon at the top right
    3. Click Advanced User
    4. Click Devices (left-hand toolbar)
    5. Click on the name of your aerQ Sensor.
    6. Check Manufacturer Code
      1. If it shows 0000-0000-0000, you will need to exclude/remove and the pair/connect the aerQ Sensor again. 

3. Not all sensors are updating after pairing (dewpoint, battery, etc).

  • Sometimes the sensor may not successfully update all values, you may just need to give it an hour or so and it should automatically update on its own.
  • You can tap its button to force update all sensor values as an additional option. 
  • Thresholds are checked every 15 minutes by default after the first initial report. 
  • During the 15-minute threshold check: 
    1. The temperature must be +/- 2 degrees in order to send a report
    2. The humidity must be +/- 5% change in order to send a report
    3. Dewpoint is always updated anytime temperature or humidity is updated.