If one of your Z-Wave devices fails in your Z-Stick Gen5/7 network, you may use PC Controller 5 by SiLabs to forcefully remove devices from your network (assuming you cannot exclude them). 


  • Windows OS (required for PC Controller 5)
  • Z-Stick S2/Gen5/7 (or any other Z-Wave USB Adapter)


1. Download install Simplicity Studios and boot up PC Controller 5: Z-Wave command class configuration tool download. 
2. Click on the Gear at the top right and connect Z-Stick to PC Controller 5
3. Click on Network Management, and open the Logs page which is the icon at the bottom right:

4. Highlight the device you want to mark as failed and click on "Is Failed"

5.Select "Remove Failed" if the node was marked as failed. 

6. The node should disappear.