This tutorial describes how to set up the ZI-Stick in Home Assistant and was created with: Home Assistant Core V2023.2.5. 

Future versions may have slight variations to setting up your Zigbee network with Zi-Stick.


Setup ZI-Stick with Zigbee Integration:

  1. Open Home Assistant on your browser: http://homeassistant:8123/
  2. In the menu, click on Settings
  3. Click Devices & Services
  4. Click Add Integration
  5. Search "Zigbee"
  6. Select Zigbee Home Automation
  7. Select the port (/dev/ttyUSB0) to which your Zi-Stick is connected and press Submit

    Typically the Zi-Stick should be /dev/ttyUSB0 or if you have other USB serial devices, it could be /dev/ttyUSB1 for instance if you have a Z-Stick 7 connected at the same time.
    • Skip this red section if you get the Serial Port selection menu above, if not continue with the red section below:
      • If you do not get this selection and it asks you to use a "Radio Type" choose "EZSP = Silicon Labs EmberZNet protocol"
      • Then input your Serial Port Settings:
        • Serial device path = /dev/zigbee (or it may be /dev/ttyUSB0)
        • Port speed = 115200
        • Data flow control = software
  8. Select one of the options based on your needs:

    1. Restory an automatic backup --> If you had a previous Zigbee network backed up, you can restore using this option.
    2. Keep radio network setting --> Integration of an existing Zigbee network into Home Assistant.
    3. Upload manual backup  --> Restore a wireless network from a backup file you saved.
    4. Erase network settings and create a new network --> Deletes any previous network you may have had and creates a fresh Zigbee network. 

  9. The stick has been automatically detected which is confirmed by the below popup (and may include other zigbee devices in scan mode), 

    Confirm with Finish

  10. You may now begin pairing new Zigbee devices to your very own Zigbee network.

Pair Zigbee devices to Zi-Stick in Home Assistant:

  1. In the menu, click on Settings
  2. Click Devices & Services
  3. Click Configure (under Zigbee Home Automation)
  4. Click + Add Device
  5. While Home Assistant + Zi-Stick are scanning:
    1. Power up your Zigbee device and follow any instructions that might be required such as a button press.
    2. If your Zigbee device was already paired to another Zigbee network, factory reset the Zigbee device and it should automatically enter pair/connect mode after a factory reset of that device. 

      If a device is found, it will tell you it is initializing and will display that the device is ready to be used, you can setup multiple Zigbee devices to be scanned at once while you are scanning for Zigbee devices to connect them: