With version 3.9.0x, the Z-Stick Gen5+ is recognized as a device in Homey and can be used as a secondary controller.

What do you need this for:

  • Firmware updates of devices
  • Use of sensor data outside Homey
  • Backup of network data
  • Configuration of devices

1. Install the software for Z-Wave Stick

Once you have your stick, you’ll need to install some software to run the stick.

The software I recommend is free and is called Z-Wave PC Controller. You will need a Windows computer to run it.

Installation PC Controller

2. Start of PC Controller

  1. Open up Z-Wave PC Controller software through Simplicity Studio
  2. Plugin your Z-Wave USB Adapter
  3. Click on the "Gear" icon and select the COM port your Z-Wave USB Adapter is connected to.
  4. Click on "Network Management"

Note: The Z-Stick must be in the factory setting. If this is not the case, perform a reset.

Reset in the PC controller:

Use the reset function of the PC controller by pressing Reset.

Note: If an error is displayed, perform the port selection again. (Point 3 - 4)

3. Add Z-Stick Gen5 + to Homey

  1. Switch to the Homey interface.
  2. Press +
  3. Press New Device
  4. Select the Aeotec App
  5. Select the Z-Stick Gen 5(+)
  6. Press Connect
  7. Switch to PC Controller
  8. Press Classic Learn Mode in the PC Controller -> The device is excluded
  9. Press Classic Learn Mode again -> the device is added
  10. After a few moments, a window should pop up on the controller software with a Device Specific Key (DSK). 
  11. Add this Device Specific Key (DSK)  to Homey and press OK
  12. The device is now included