In order to update the Z-Stick 7 or Z-Pi 7, this actually uses the standard library for Z-Wave. The ZWaveJS team has included the update function to ZWaveJS UI (previously known as ZWaveJS2MQTT)


  • Any PC
  • Any Series 700 Z-Wave Dongle (Z-Stick 7, etc) connected to ZWaveJS UI
  • ZWaveJS UI (Previously known as ZWaveJS2MQTT - installed through Home Assistant, or on Docker)

Backup your Z-Wave Network before updating using ZWaveJS UI

Make sure that you have a backup of your Z-Wave network in any case an issue happens during the firmware update. This will allow you to restore another Z-Stick 7 with your previous network. It's good practice to backup your network occasionally.

  1. Open ZWaveJS UI
  2. Click +
  4. Then click on BACKUP under "NVM Management"
  5. Store the file in a safe location that you'll be able to find it in any case you need to restore your network. 

Update using ZWaveJS UI

  1. First, download the firmware update for your Z-Stick 7 / Z-Pi 7
  2. Open ZWaveJS UI
  3. Click ACTIONS
  5. Then click on UPDATE under "Firmware update OTW"
  6. Select the file you downloaded in step 1, then click UPDATE
  7. Allow your Z-Stick 7 or Z-Pi 7 to firmware update for a minute or two, once completed, the update should show the new firmware version after a few seconds after a complete firmware update

  8. Double check your Z-Wave Frequency, if it changes to another Z-Wave Frequency your whole network will stop working until you change it back to the correct Z-Wave Frequency. 

    US = 908.4 MHz
    AU = 921.4 MHz
    EU = 868.4 MHz