This guide is an additional guide to the TriSensor 8 user guide on how to connect TriSensor 8 to your AutoPilot which will display widget cards featuring:

  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Battery Level

Steps to connect TriSensor 8 to AutoPilot.

  1. Open up AutoPilot UI
  2. Click on "DEVICES"
  3. Click on "+ Add new"
  4. Click on "+"
  5. Click on "+ Add"
  6. Now quickly 3x tap the Action Button on your TriSensor 8.
  7. (If Security is enabled) - Select an option in the popup page.
    • Basic - Automatically uses the highest safety class
    • Pro - Select the security level you want to use. Multiple selections are possible.
      • S2 Unauthentificated - High-security level - no further input necessary
      • S2 Authenticated - High-security level - PIN entry required. You will find the PIN on the device or packaging.
    • None - The security mode is ignored.
  8. If you selected Basic or Pro (with S2 Authentication), input the 5 digit PIN code or DSK code next under the QR code
  9. Select OK
  10. You should have access to its settings and allowed widget control over TriSensor 8. Feel free to name it whatever you'd like, make sure to press save to save the new name.

How to remove TriSensor 8 from AutoPilot.

  1. Open up AutoPilot UI.
  2. Click on "DEVICES".
  3. Click on "+ Add new".
  4. Click on "Remove Device".
  5. Now quickly 3x tap the Action Button on TriSensor 8.
  6. If successful, AutoPilot will go to the previous page, and state "Exclusion Successful" at the top right.


1. Having issues pairing your device?

  • Move your Sensor within 4 - 10 ft of your AutoPilot, its possible that it is too far if you do not have any repeaters capable of Network Wide Inclusion.
  • Remove power from AutoPilot for 1 minute, then power it up again and wait for it to boot back up.
  • Remove power from TriSensor 8 for 1 minute, then power it up again.
  • Try factory resetting or removing your TriSensor 8.
    • Exclude first in case the device paired to your hub otherwise, it will leave a phantom device in your network that will be difficult to remove.
    • Perform a manual hard factory reset.
      1. Press and hold the Action Button for 12+ seconds, hold it longer than 12 seconds just in case as there is no specific LED to indicate a release time. If successful, the LED will flash red/green quickly to indicate it was factory reset manually.

2. Not completing its interview?

  • Try force interviewing the specific command classes after pairing if requested.
  • Force Interview the individual command classes, 
    1. In the device's page, click "Command Class" which will expand the command class list
    2. Look down the list and find any marks under "Results"
    3. If you see any X values, click on it to force interview that command class.
    4. Now tap the Action Button once on TriSensor 8 once to wake it up and take the interview.
  • Exclude and then try including your TriSensor 8 once more.