This page lists the technical specifications for Pico Shutter and forms part of the larger Pico Shutter user guide.

Name: Pico Shutter

Model number: ZGA004

Product Dimensions: 44 x 40 x 21.5mm

Zigbee Hardware: EFR32MG21

Zigbee 3.0 Repeater: Yes

Zigbee backward compatibility: ZHA, ZLL

Zigbee Profile: 0x0104 (Home Automation)

Zigbee Supported:

OTA update

Factory Reset

Power-down memory

Max Signal Strength: 17.02 dBm

Device Max Power Consumption: 1 W

Working Current: 150mA @230VAC, 50/60Hz

Power Rating: 110-230V~, 50/60Hz

Supported Switch Types:

Momentary (NC/NO)

2-Way Switch

SPDT Switch

Max current: 3.6A


Overheat protection

Surge protection

Temperature Sensor

Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F/0°C to 40°C.

Relative humidity: 8% to 80%.

Terminal Type: Clamp type

Operating distance: 

More than 50 meters indoors / More than 164 feet indoors.

Up to 100 meters outdoors / Up to 328 feet outdoors.

Notes - product technical information still being updated.

Specifications subject to change without notice due to continuing product improvement.