Connect the Aeotec Pico Duo Switch to SmartThings 

Steps in SmartThings.

a.   From the SmartThings dashboard, tap +.

b.   Tap Add Device, then “By brand” Device.

c.   Find and select Aeotec.

d.   Tap Switch/Dimmer.

e.   Tap Aeotec Switch/Dimmer.

f.    Tap Start, then follow the remaining instructions to pair Pico Duo Switch.

g.   When prompted by your hub, tap the Action Button on Pico Duo Switch twice quickly, the LED will flash rapidly while it attempts to connect.

Using Aeotec Pico Duo Switch in SmartThings

Aeotec Pico Duo Switch is now a part of your Aeotec Smart Home Hub network. It will appear as an On/Off widget that can display On/Off status or energy sensor readings. 

This section will go over how to display all information in your SmartThings app.

Steps in SmartThings.

  1. Open SmartThings
  2. Scroll down to your Aeotec Pico Duo Switch
  3. Then tap Aeotec Pico Duo Switch widget.
  4. On this screen, it should display:
    • On/Off Button
    • Timer
    • Watt reports 
    • kWh reports

You may use On/Off Switch and Watt/kWh sensor reports in an Automation to control your Aeotec Smart Home Hub home automation network. To learn more about programming automations, follow that link.

How to remove Aeotec Pico Duo Switch from Aeotec Smart Home Hub

If your Aeotec Pico Duo Switch is not performing as you expected, you'll likely need to reset your Pico Duo Switch and remove it from Aeotec Smart Home Hub to begin a fresh start.


1. From the Home screen, select Menu 

2. Select More Options (3 dot icon)

3. Tap Edit

4. Tap Delete to confirm

Factory reset your Aeotec Pico Duo Switch

Aeotec Pico Duo Switch can be factory reset at any time if you come across any issues, or if you need to re-pair Aeotec Pico Duo Switch to another hub. 

  1. Press and Hold the action button for ten (10) seconds.
  2. Release the button when the LED starts breathing its LED slowly.