Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Built atop of SmartThings, Aeotec Smart Home Hub is known to be compatible with thousands of different products from over one hundred different brands.

To understand which products from Aeotec are compatible with SmartThings, follow that link. For all other brands, please refer to our 'products compatible with SmartThings' guide.

Third-party hubs

While Z-Wave offers basic compatibility between Z-Wave devices and Z-Wave gateways, the reality is that the advanced features of devices needs to be integrated into gateways for all of them to work. Consider Aeotec's MultiSensor 7 - motion sensing is a standard Z-Wave feature and should be compatible across all gateways. However, the other 5 sensors within MultiSensor 7 are not standard to Z-Wave and need to be integrated into a gateway's firmware for them to work.

Hence the frequent question of whether a particular Aeotec product will work with a particular gateway.

To help answer those questions, we've created a list of our products and the currently known status of Z-Wave gateway compatibility. Follow the link to read it.

The guide offers a listing of all of Aeotec's products along with a plethora of hubs and software systems, including popular choices such as Fibaro, SmartThings, Vera, and Wink.