This guide is part of the larger Nano Dimmer user guide and details how to adjust the range of dimming and rate of dim on Nano Dimmer's load. It may be necessary to optimize the dim range and speed based on your own preferred settings.

In order to configure these types of settings, your Z-Wave gateway must have the Configuration Set command enabled to allow you to configure Nano Dimmer's internal settings. If you are unsure if you can do this, please consult the gateway's manual.

Typically you'll only need to follow this guide in the event that you are using Dimmable LED bulbs as the dim settings vary greatly between different LED bulb manufacturers and sometimes even between the different LED bulbs that each manufacturer produces. 

Setting the Dim Range.

It is possible to adjust the dimming ranges of Nano Dimmer to work better with your dimmable LED bulbs. Nano Dimmer has 2 parameter settings that allow you to adjust the maximum and minimum setting. 

It is sometimes a necessity to set these ranges for a more acceptable level in dimming ranges as some LED Bulbs dim to max levels quicker than others while you also may see that the range between OFF and the lowest dim level are too fast to set (primarily looks like a quick delay before turning off).

By default Nano Dimmer should have set Minimum dim level to 0% while Maximum dim level is 99%.

For example, if you notice that your dimmable LED bulb  see's its maximum brightness at around 50%, you would set Parameter 132 [1 byte] = 50 which when you set 100% from your gateway, 100% will be 50% dim level which you'll be able to see a better adjustment in brightness.

Instant ON/OFF

To achieve instant on and off with dimming loads, the easiest method would be to configure parameter 131 and 132 to match the same level of minimum and maximum dim levels.

For example, if the maximum level is 90%, then you would set each setting as such:

  • Parameter 131 [1 byte] = 90
  • Parameter 132 [1 byte] = 90

This will allow you to instantly turn your lights on and off.

Setting the Dim Speed.

You can also set the dim rate of its up and down ramp using the parameter setting below to adjust to your preferred speed of dimming.

The setting for Parameter 125 is set in seconds, it indicates the maximum amount of time it takes to ramp all the way up to the maximum level from the lowest level. So if Parameter 131 is set to 0 for 0%, and Parameter 132 is set to 99%, it will take 3 seconds to ramp from 0% to 99% and vise-versa.

Save your settings from changing.

The Nano Dimmer will automatically configure Parameter 131 and 132 to dim levels based on its auto-detection, if it isn't optimized for you, you should keep Nano Dimmer from ever entering auto-load detection mode.

Once you have found the most optimized settings for your LED Bulbs or lighting, you can avoid having to reset this by setting:

Parameter 249 [1 byte] = 0

This will keep parameter 131 and 132 from having to be set again if your power goes out or if you have to power cycle or turn off the circuit.