This page presents download files and installation instructions to update your Nano Dimmer via OTA software and form part of the larger Nano Dimmer user guide.

Update Nano Dimmer firmware via HomeSeer.

Our guide to upgrading Nano Dimmer firmware via HomeSeer can be found by following the given link.

Update Nano Dimmer firmware via Z-Stick or Z-Stick Gen5.

As a part of our Gen5 range of products, Nano Dimmer (ZW111) is firmware upgradable. Some gateways will support firmware upgrades over-the-air (OTA) and have Nano Dimmer (ZW111) firmware upgrades packaged as part of their platform. For those that don't yet support such upgrades, Nano Dimmer (ZW111) firmware can be upgraded using Z-Stick from Aeotec or other such Z-Wave USB Adapters such as SmartStick+ from Homeseer, or UZB1 from and Microsoft Windows.


  • Please make sure that you download the correct frequency for your ZW111 Nano Dimmer, firmware updating the ZW111 with the wrong firmware and frequency will brick your device and void warranty.
  • When updating, keep the Nano Dimmer within 10ft of your Z-Stick to avoid corrupted communication that can brick the unit.

Changes from V2.03

  • Added the configuration 0xF7 parameter to configure the external two-wire switch mode (Default setting changed to allow 2-state to toggle regardless of its position);
    Added the configuration 0xF8 parameter to configure the external button network management function
  • Added WallSwipe as a simple panel function;
  • Added configuration 0x15 parameter to enable/disable wallswisp infrared function and infrared trigger scene report function;
  • Added the configuration 0x40-0x45 parameter to configure the colors of the back light of WallSwipe, IR action, and back light mode;
  • Added configuration 0x90 parameter to report the connection status of wallswipe;
  • Resolves Association Framework issue for pairing into a new network.
  • Added Binary, Association, Multichannel Association into Multichannel Command.
  • Added 0xFB parameter settings (Configuration CC).
  • 0x7A use to set control for S1 and S2
    0x7A has been split to 0x7A to change control over S1, and 0x7B to change control over S2 terminal.
  • Added Parameter 0x51 (81) and 0x52 (82) to allow direct dimming control via Association Group 3 and 4 via Switch Multilevel Set.

Download Firmware

Firmware update steps. (Z-Wave firmware update)

  1. Make sure that the Nano Dimmer and Z-Wave USB Adapter performing the update is within 10 ft of eachother or closer (direct line of sight if possible). If communication is not good, it is possible for the firmware update to have corrupted messages causing the unit to brick.

  2. Download the correct firmware version under section (Download Firmware), make sure you select the correct firmware for your device to avoid bricking your unit.

  3. Unzip the file "OTA of Nano" (XX in the file name refers to the frequency: US, EU, or AU).

  4. Change the file name "Nano Dimmer_OTA_XX_C_V2_03.ex_" to "Nano Dimmer_OTA_XX_C_V2_03.exe"

  5. Connect your Z-Wave USB Adapter to your Windows PC (can be UZB1, SmartStick+, Zooz Stick, Z-Stick Gen5 or S2), make sure no other software is controlling it.

  6. Open up Nano Dimmer_OTA_XX_C_V2_03.exe firmware update software now.

  7. To connect Z-Stick to software by selecting (Categories -> Settings) on the top left side of the software.

  8. The list should populate with your Z-Stick or other Z-Wave USB Adapter and show any nodes connected to it if any. (controller at the top of the list)

  9. Click on the Nano Dimmer node to highlight it (it should already be paired to your Z-Wave network)

  10. Click on "Node Info" button to get the information from Nano Dimmer

  11. Now on the upper middle side, click on the "Firmware" Tab

  12. Click on "Start" button to start the firmware update.

  13. The green bar should be moving slowly, and you should see a large amount of communication happening. This will take roughly 5 minutes, so take a quick coffee break.

  14. When done, a small popup will appear and say "success", go ahead and click OK.

  15. Now it is important to wait 30 seconds after the firmware update. I would just suggest waiting 1 minute after completing step 14.

  16. You should now remove the Nano Dimmer in any means you'd like such as using the OTA firmware update to do so.

  17. Close the software up.

  18. Add it back into your Z-Wave network of its intended use.