This page lists the shows you how to utilize Strike Lock Control V1.05 in Popp Hub and form part of the larger Strike Lock user guide.  

1 Introduction

This page lists how to properly setup Strike Lock with Popp Hub and forms a part of the larger Strike Lock user guide.

2 Installation & Setup

2.1 Inclusion

To Include Strike Lock in your existing Z-Wave network please follow these steps:

  1. Set you primary controller in “Inclusion mode”.
  2. Press the button on the Strike Lock once.

After the successful inclusion you should see the new Widget for Strike Lock in your “elements view”.

2.2 Setting the automatic locking by time

  • Scroll down to “Door Lock
  • Set Operator Mode to value (2)
  • Set Outside state to value (1)
  • Set Inside state to value (1)
  • Set Timeout in secounds
  • Press ConfigurationSet to save your settings

  • For test your settings, set Mode to value (1) and press the button Set

2.3 Create a Control Widget

  • Install the App “HTTP Device” - press +

  • Rename the Device
  • Change to "toggleButton
  • Copy the URL set below into “URL for action ON” line.
  • http://POPPHUB_IP:8083/ZWave.zway/Run/devices[DeviceID].instances[0].commandClasses[98].Set(1)

    • Replace “POPHUB_IP” with your Gateway IP Address
    • Replace “DEVICEID” with the ID of your Strike 
      • You find the DeviceId in the expert view (see point 2.2)
  • Set http Method to “POST
  • Add you Gateway Login data and Password of you PoppHub
  • Press the button Save

  • Change to Elements and press the button ON to test.