This page lists the shows you how to utilize Strike Lock Control V1.05 in Fibaro HCL and form part of the larger Strike Lock user guide. 

The HomeCenter Lite does not support Door Lock command class at this time. Door Lock command class allows you to automatically close the Strike Lock after it opens. In HomeCenter 2 you can easily control this control with a small LUA scene. However, HCL does not have a LUA and in its block scene the lock is not listed as a device. 

1. Open your desired browser and the desktop of your HomeCenter and then logIn.

Prerequisites - Include the device and create a room

2. Include the Strike Lock as described in the manual. 

    a. You must include the device in security mode. Check the box "Add in security mode if device supports it".

3. Change to "Rooms".

4. Press Add New on the left side.

5. Create a new room and press Add.

7. Change to "Devices" - You will find two new devices added to your network.

8. Open the device setting by pressing the wrench at the top right of the device.

9. Change the name of the device and assign it to the new room "My Door".

10. Press the Save button on the right side.

Create a new Scene.

11. Change to "Scenes".

12. Press "Add Scene" on the left side.

13. Press Add  by "Add scene using graphic blocks".

14. Choose Advanced.

    a. Set a trigger e.g. a time.

    b. Set "then".

    c. Set the room group (My Door) --> Open --> 0.

    d. Set "and".

    e. Set the room group (My Door) --> Close --> 0 - 60 Seconds (reset time).

    f. Press Save on the right side.


Note:The period should not exceed 60 seconds when using a door magnet. This can destroy the door magnet.