This page lists the shows you how to utilize Strike Lock Control V1.05 in Fibaro HCL and form part of the larger Strike Lock user guide. 

The HomeCenter 3 does not support Door Lock command class at this time. Door Lock command class allows you to automatically close the Strike Lock after it opens.

Close after time Quick APP Download

1. Login in your HomeCenter 3

2. Add the smoke detector to the HomeCenter 3

2.1. Open menu with gearwheel

2.2. Change to Devices.

2.3. Press the blue + button.

2.4. Choose Z-Wave Device.

2.5. Check the box

       Device is located far from HomeCenter

       Add in security mode if device supports it

2.6. Press the button Start adding.

2.7. Press the button of the smoke detector once.

Two devices are created.

- Lock

- Door contact

The QuickApp expands your system to automatically close the lock after time.

2.8. Find out the ID of the strike lock and write it down

3. Upload QuickApp

3.1. Open menu with gearwheel.

3.2. Change to Devices.

3.3. Press the blue + button.

3.4. Choose Other Device.

3.5. Choose Upload file.

3.6. Choose downloaded file and press open.

4. Setup Quick App

4.1. Open the setting by pressing the right arrow.

4.2. Choose a Icon and press save.

4.3. Change to Variables.

4.4. Edit the variable "device_ID" by pressing the pen on the right side.

4.4.1. Enter the ID of Strike Lock Control and press OK.

4.5. Edit the variable "Open_time" by pressing the pen on the right side.

4.5.1. This value is given in seconds.

4.4.2. Press Save button.

5. Change to Dashboard and find the new device.