This solution lists all of the available articles and their linked pages to gain easy access to any of Smart Home Hub functions and step-by-step use case.

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  1. How to setup Smart Home Hub
    1. Setup checklist
    2. Download Smart Home Hub Connect app
    3. Create an account
    4. Understanding your Smart Home Hub's LEDs
    5. Power up Smart Home Hub
    6. Finalize Smart Home Hub setup
    7. Setup with Wired/Ethernet connection but want WiFi instead.
    8. Can't connect and need assistance?
  2. Migrate from SmartThings to Smart Home Hub
    1. Change Zigbee channel for older Zigbee devices
    2. Migrate from SmartThings V1, ADT, Link, or other Z-Wave or Zigbee hubs
    3. Migrate from SmartThings V2 or V3 hubs
  3. Room management
    1. Create a new room
    2. Assign a device to a room
    3. Edit a room
    4. Delete a room
  4. Installing & removing devices
    1. Connecting devices
      1. Z-Wave
      2. Zigbee or WiFi
      3. Matter
    2. Removing devices
      1. Z-Wave
      2. Zigbee or WiFi
      3. Matter
    3. Removing Z-Wave devices that are not connected.
    4. Force removal of a phantom device in your hub.
  5. Control devices
    1. Control connected devices
  6. Custom automation
    1. Add a new custom automation
    2. Example automation
    3. Edit a custom automation
    4. Delete a custom automation
  7. Scenes
    1. Add a new Scene
    2. Trigger a Scene manually
    3. Add a Scene to an Automation
    4. Edit a Scene
  8. Life apps
    1. What is a SmartApp
    2. Available SmartApp(s)
    3. Custom SmartApp(s)
  9. SmartThings Home Monitor
    1. Setup SmartThings Home Monitor
      1. Security
      2. Smoke
      3. Leaks
    2. View an incident
    3. Dismiss an incident
    4. Incident history
  10. Voice control
    1. Amazon Alexa
      1. Connect Amazon Alexa with Smart Home Hub
      2. Discover devices with Amazon Alexa
      3. Voice commands to Amazon Alexa
      4. Disconnect Smart Home Hub from Amazon Alexa
    2. Google Assistant
      1. Connect Google Assistant with Smart Home Hub
      2. Assign your devices to rooms using Google Home app
      3. Voice commands to Google Assistant
      4. Disconnect Smart Home Hub from 
  11. Manage family members
    1. Add a new Member
      1. Invite with Email
      2. Invite with QR Code
    2. Remove Member(s)
    3. Leaving a location as a Member
  12. Smart Home Hub settings
    1. Samsung account
    2. Advanced features
    3. Personal data
  13. Smart Home Hub compatible devices
    1. Smart Home Hub native
    2. Aeotec works with Smart Home Hub
    3. SmartThings list of compatible devices
  14. Aeotec Smart Home Hub troubleshoot
    1. What do the LEDs on Aeotec Smart Home Hub mean?
    2. How can I reboot my Aeotec Smart Home Hub?
    3. How to reset Aeotec Smart Home Hub to factory default
    4. Firmware / Download process in app is stuck
    5. Hub not found
    6. Connection failed / hub offline during setup
    7. Your hub is offline (Solid or Blinking blue LED)
    8. Error 33-504
    9. Solid or Blinking red LED
    10. Registration failed
    11. Invalid serial number
    12. How to perform a full hub reset if already setup.
    13. Older Zigbee sensors can't connect.
    14. Cannot connect Z-Wave or Zigbee devices. 
  15. Aeotec Smart Home Hub support
    1. Contact Aeotec support
    2. Contact SmartThings support
  16. Smart Home Hub V3 technical specifications