This guide will lead you how to wire your illumino Dimmer Switch to your existing gang-box and lighting as a single-pole switch for lighting control. This guide is a expansion of the illumino Dimmer Switch user guide.

What you'll need in this guide.

  • Voltage Tester
  • Screwdriver
  • illumino Dimmer Switch

General US color coding for wires.

  • Black = AC Live or Load input
  • White = AC Neutral
  • Red = Traveler wire (not used in this guide).
  • Bare copper = Ground (not used in this guide).

Load compatibility.

illumino Dimmer Switch isn't compatible with all lighting, Below is a list of all the bulb types that are compatible with Dimmer Switch.

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Trailing-Edge Dimmable LED Bulb

Some LED Bulbs are Leading Edge instead of Trailing Edge, if a dimmable LED bulb is flickering it is highly likely that the bulb is Leading Edge or not dimmable.

These bulb types are not compatible:

  • Leading-Edge Dimmable LED Bulbs
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Smart LED Bulbs (WiFi, Zigbee, or Z-Wave as these devices have their own dimming circuits)

Unfortunately, most bulbs are not explicit about what type of dimming property they use in dimmable LED bulbs, but fortunately, most bulbs are Trailing Edge.

How to fit wires into illumino Dimmer Switch.

Single pole wiring diagram.

Textual steps for wiring your Dimmer Switch.

Determine your wires.

1. Safety step: Turn off the circuit breaker connected to your light switch that you will be installing illuminoDimmer Switch to.

2. If replacing an existing switch, remove the faceplate.

3. Safety step: test all switch terminals to ensure no power is present with a voltage screwdriver.

4. Detach switch from your gang box

5. Separate and spread out all wires to ensure no exposed wires are touching each other or other objects.

6. Turn the circuit breaker back on.

7. Test all wires with a voltage screwdriver to determine which wire is AC Live. (Do not touch any exposed wires directly with your hands).

The voltage screwdriver should indicate which wire has power. 

8. Safety step: Turn off the circuit breaker.  

9. Mark the AC Live wire that you found in step 7, and make note of your wires:

  • The black wire that you marked with electrical tape is AC Live. 
  • The unmarked black wire is your Load Input wire.
  • Both white wires are AC Neutral and Load Neutral. 

10. Note that all terminals are clearly marked on the back of illumino Dimmer Switch which references what wires should be connected to them.

Wire your illumino Dimmer Switch.

11. Wire illumino Dimmer Switch in place.

  • Connect AC Neutral and Load neutral to the Neutral terminal.
  • Connect Load wire to Load terminal.
  • Connect AC Live to the Live terminal.

12. Secure illumino Dimmer Switch to your gangbox.

13. Turn the circuit breaker back on.

14. If wired correctly, the LED at the bottom right of your illumino Dimmer Switch will fade in and out to indicate it is powered and ready to be paired.