This guide will lead you how to wire your illumino Dimmer Switch as a 3-way switch to your existing gang-box and lighting. This guide is a expansion of the illumino Dimmer Switch user guide.

What you'll need in this guide.

  • Voltage Tester
  • Screwdriver
  • illumino Dimmer Switch
  • Extra wire caps just in case.
  • Additional White Wire (for neutral connection).

General US color coding for wires.

  • Black = AC Live or Load input
  • White = AC Neutral
  • Red = Traveler wire
  • Bare copper = Ground (not used in this guide).

Load compatibility.

illumino Dimmer Switch isn't compatible with all lighting, Below is a list of all the bulb types that are compatible with Dimmer Switch.

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Trailing-Edge Dimmable LED Bulb

Some LED Bulbs are Leading Edge instead of Trailing Edge, if a dimmable LED bulb is flickering it is highly likely that the bulb is Leading Edge or not dimmable.

These bulb types are not compatible:

  • Leading-Edge Dimmable LED Bulbs
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Smart LED Bulbs (WiFi, Zigbee, or Z-Wave as these devices have their own dimming circuits)

Unfortunately, most bulbs are not explicit about what type of dimming property they use in dimmable LED bulbs, but fortunately, most bulbs are Trailing Edge.

How to fit wires into illumino Dimmer Switch.

3-way wiring diagram.

There are 2 methods to wiring a 3-way switch to the 2 general or standard 3-way switch methods. You can wire the illumino Dimmer Switch in the gangbox away from the light, or close to the light itself. 

Wiring may be easier depending on what wiring is already available in each of the gang-boxes. 

Textual steps for wiring your Dimmer Switch.

Safety Steps.

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker connected to the lighting that you are trying to wire.
  2. Remove the faceplate
  3. Unscrew your old external switch from the wall. (Do not remove wires yet unless you know what you're doing)
  4. Pull out the external switch a little bit and make sure there are no wires touching each other.
  5. Turn on the circuit breaker.

Determine your wires.

  1. Make sure the the external switch is OFF and the light is OFF. 
  2. Move the Voltage Tester nearby each terminal
    • Black Wire = No voltage detection is the Load Wire.
    • Black Wire = Voltage detected is AC Live Wire.
    • White Wire = AC Neutral
    • Red Wire = Traveler from 3-way external switch.
  3. Now turn off the circuit breaker
  4. Ensure there is no voltage across both black wires.
  5. Mark the 2 black wires to easily determine which is the Load and which is the AC Live wire. We recommend using electrical tape of different colors to help indicate that.

Wire your illumino Dimmer Switch.

  1. Unscrew all wires from the external switch you are replacing with illumino Dimmer Switch.
  2. Wire Traveler Wire (red wire) into the Traveler terminal in illumino Dimmer Switch.
  3. Wire AC Live into the Live terminal in illumino Dimmer Switch.
  4. Wire Load Wire (black) into the Load terminal in illumino Dimmer Switch.
  5. Cap AC Neutral (white wire) from the breaker box, load, and neutral wire from the 3-way switch, and the additional 4th white wire you've cut together.
  6. With the 4rd white wire, connect that to the Neutral terminal on illumino Dimmer Switch.
  7. Cap the black wire coming from the 3-way gangbox. 

Rewire your 3-way switch.

  1. Unwire the Black wire and cap it off.
  2. Move the White wire to the COM terminal.
  3. You may leave the red wire in the original wiring location. 
  4. Now turn on power from your circuit breaker and test.