You'll be able to control Popp Smart Thermostat through Smart Home Hub / SmartThings to control your room or your home's internal temperature following the video and steps in this guide. It forms a larger part of the Popp Smart Thermostat user guide

Setup Video.

Before installation. 

Before connecting up the Smart Thermostat to your Aeotec Smart Home Hub, make sure you download the latest Edge Driver for the POPP Smart Thermostat. That will allow you to use all the device features of the POPP Smart Thermostat.

  • Follow this invitation link to install the Edge Driver on your Aeotec Smart Home Hub.
  • Follow this guide, if you need more help with the installation of the Edge Driver.

Software setup steps.

  1. Open up Smart Thermostat by: 
    1. Placing your thumb in the intended outline, then use your other hand to pull off the cover.
    2. Insert 2 AA batteries.
    3. Fit the cover back over the batteries. 
  2. Pair Popp Smart Thermostat to your Smart Home Hub / SmartThings.
    1. Open up SmartThings app.
    2. From the dashboard, tap "+" (located top right of your screen).
    3. Tap "Add Device"
    4. Tap "Scan Nearby"
      • Android - Located on the top right of your screen.
      • iOS / iPhones - Located at the bottom right of your screen.
    5. On your Popp Smart Thermostat, tap the small button located under the display screen.
      • Ensure the "W" icon appears on your display.
    6. Give it about 20 seconds to pair. Once paired, Popp thermostat will appear on your SmartThings app as a device. 
      • Rename it as you like.
      • Then tap the back button located at the top left a few times to go back to the Dashboard homepage of your SmartThings app. 

Install Popp Smart Thermostat to your thermostat.

  1. Remove the older thermostat connected to your radiator.
  2. Select the correct adapter that can properly screw into your radiator and screw it onto your radiator first.
  3. Take your Popp Smart Thermostat and twist it clockwise over the adapter. 
  4. Tap the button once under the display.
  5. Wait a few seconds, once Popp Smart Thermostat is finished with the installation, the set temperature for your room should display over your Smart Thermostats display. 

Control Popp Smart Thermostat on SmartThings.

  1. Open up SmartThings app, or go to the dashboard.
  2. Tap "Devices"
  3. Swipe your screen right/left to the room it is located in. (If you haven't moved it yet, it will be located in the "Unassigned" room).
  4. Tap the Popp Smart Thermostat widget to access its page.
  5. From here you can control the temperature setting. 

Manually control Popp Smart Thermostat. 

  1. Go to the room where your Popp Smart Thermostat is located.
  2. Twist the bottom base to increase or decrease the set temperature value you want your home/room to be. 
    • Twist Clockwize 
      Increase the set temperature by 1.
    • Twist Counter-Clockwize 
      - Decrease the set temperature by 1.