This firmware update will update the Z-Stick Gen5 to the same firmware Z-Stick Gen5+ uses (Z-Wave device firmware 6.07 or Firmware version V1.02 built with Z-Wave SDK 6.81.06).


1. It is possible that the firmware update can brick the Z-Stick Gen5. (it is a low change but it can happen)
2. If you are firmware updating, please make sure that you create a backup using the backup tool we have so that you can restore it to a new Z-Stick: How to use Z-Stick Gen5 backup software (Backup, and Restore).
3. It is highly recommend that you test the backup file if you have a second Z-Stick Gen5 on hand just in case. Sometimes backups from older firmware versions may not be able to push to the later firmware versions just due to the difference in Z-Wave SDK versions. 
4. It requires a Windows PC for a firmware update, and specific drivers.
5. If you are not using SmartStart in Z-Wave or not planning to, this firmware won't change much for you.

6. The Z-Stick Gen5+ already has these drivers, there is no need to update the Z-Stick Gen5+. 

7. Use the firmware update at your own risk, warranty is void if the Z-Stick Gen5 is bricked by the firmware update. 

Change Logs

- Updates Z-Wave device library to 6.07 (using Z-Wave SDK 6.81.06)

  • Allows PC Controller 5 to backup/restore files.
  • Supports SmartStart
  • Supports S2 pairing as a secondary controller

- Change LED indicator activity

  • Yellow = Changing Z-Stick Gen5
  • Green = Charging complete


- Windows PC 

  • Warning: It may not work with Virtual Machine (confirmed that this does not work through Wine or VMWare EXSi 7.0). 

- Z-Stick Gen5 (production date 2018 or later, the update simply will not work on much older hardware versions).

1. Download firmware update and drivers here: 

  1. Download drivers necessary to perform the update for your Z-Stick Gen5.
  2. Download the correct Z-Wave Frequency of your Z-Stick Gen5.

2. Install the update drivers.

After you have installed the new drivers, you may need to reboot your PC. 

Method 1: Easy installation

  1. Unzip to any folder where you can easily find it. 
  2. Right-click on "zw05xxprg.inf"
  3. Click on Install

Method 2: Manual installation through Device Manager

  1. Unzip to any folder where you can easily find it.
  2. Open Device Manager
  3. Plugin your Z-Stick Gen5
  4. Expand Ports (COM & LPT)
  5. Find UZB (COMX) - X can be any number and right-click
  6. Select Update Driver
  7. Select Browse my computer for drivers
  8. Click on Browse... 
  9. Select the Folder where you unzipped the drivers to (from step 1). Then press OK.
  10. Click on Next.
  11. Once installed, unplug and replug your Z-Stick Gen5.

Method 3: Different drivers

  1. Download the separate drivers here: New Drivers
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Open the CP210x_Windows_Drivers folder
  4. Install the drivers based on the 32 or 64 bit system:
    1. If 32 bits: use the installation file CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe
    2. If 64 bits: uise the installation file CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe

3. Perform update on Z-Stick Gen5

0. Close all software connected to Z-Stick Gen5, recommended to unplug and re-plug the Z-Stick Gen5.

1. Unzip

2. Double click on "Z_Stick_G5_XX_V1_02.exe" (Where XX is EU, AU, or US depending on the version that you've downloaded)

3. Click on "Settings"

4. Then select the COM port of your Z-Stick Gen5

5. Press "Update"

6. When the update is finished, close out the program

7. Wait 10 seconds

8. Unplug Z-Stick Gen5

9. Plug Z-Stick Gen5 back into your PC and the update should be complete.

If for some reason your update tool is requesting that you press the RESET button, then the drivers were not installed properly. To fully install the correct drivers, follow "Method 2" to manually install the drivers over the Z-Stick Gen5. 

Troubleshoot - If the Z-Stick Gen5 stops functioning

  • Run the firmware update again which can restore the device in some cases. 

Troubleshoot 2 - Not updating, try forcing a driver change. 

1. Right-click the Z-Stick under Ports in Device Manager and choose "Update driver".
2. Choose "Browse my computer for drivers".
3. Choose "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer" in the bottom.
4. Uncheck the "Show compatible hardware".
5. Scroll down to "Sigma Designs" in the Manufacturer column.
6. Choose "Sigma Designs ZWave programming interface" as Model.
7. Click "Next".
8. Click "Yes" in the warnings dialog.

9. Now run the firmware update listed in point #3 above.