This solution describes how to change the wifi network on an existing smart home hub in your SmartThings account.

Note - If your WiFi change button may not do anything on iOS mobile phone in SmartThings app. Please contact (US/Canada only) to seek help with changing WiFi if these steps do not work for you. 

If you are outside of US/Canada region, you'll need to reach out to SmartThings through the app:

  1. Open SmartThings app
  2. Tap Menu
  3. Tap Contact Us

Please follow the steps:

1.    Disconnect Ethernet from the hub (Smart Home Hub must be displayed as offline - so you will need to wait until Smartthings marks your hub as offline/disconnected - give it a few minutes).

2.    Open SmartThings app

3.    Switch to Devices tab, then find your hub in one of the rooms by swiping left/right

4.    Tap on your Smart Home hub to access its page

5.    Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and then on "information"

6.    Click on Update Wifi information

7.    Ensure the Smart Home Hub is on and wait until the blue LED turns on

8.    Press the reset button until it blinks yellow

  • You may need to attempt this multiple times (if the LED rebounds to blue LED) until the flashing yellow continues to flash on its own.

9.    Scan the QR code

10.    Press Connect

11.    Select your Wifi and enter the password

12.    The change from Wifi is complete.