You'll need to ensure that you delete your hub from SmartThings first before you factory reset it. These must be done to have a fresh start with your hub.

If you do not delete the hub from your app and you factory reset and attempt to setup the hub, it will typically error 33-511 which indicates your hub is still claimed. 

It is also highly recommended that you exclude or factory reset all connected devices so you don't have to do this later. 

Full Factory Reset.

1. Exclude all of your devices and factory reset them

  • If there are Zigbee device

    • Manually factory reset them, or delete them using SmartThings app which will factory reset them.

  • If they are Zigbee devices

    • Tap on the hub in Smartthings app

    • Tap "More Options" (3 dot icon)

    • Select Z-Wave Utilities

    • Tap Generic Z-Wave Exclusion

    • Tap the exclusion button combination on your smoke sensors (you can do this with multiple devices to easily factory reset multiple Z-Wave devices at once while SmartThings app is scanning).


2. Now Delete the Hub from your SmartThings App -This is necessary to clear the hubs claim on your account in order to be setup again.
  • Open up SmartThings app
  • Find your hub in the device list and select it
  • Tap "More Options" (3 dot icon)

  • Select "Edit"

  • Select Delete

  • Confirm the deletion of your hub

3. Now factory reset your Hub

  • (RECOMMENDED) Keep your hub on Ethernet connection.
  • Disconnect power from your Aeotec Smart Home Hub
  • Press and hold the recessed reset button in the back of your hub.
  • While holding down the reset button, power up your Aeotec Smart Home Hub.
  • Continue to hold down the reset button, the LED should be flashing yellow during this time. 
  • Release the reset button when LED lights up solid yellow for at least 1 second before releasing.
    • Make sure that you do not hold it longer than 5 seconds or the factory reset may not process.
  • Wait a few minutes and the LED should return to flashing red/green

4. Setup.

  • Make sure that your hub is flashing red/green flashing before you attempt to follow these steps.

  • Open up SmartThings app

  • Tap + -> Add Device

  • Select Partner Devices -> Aeotec

  • Select Smart Home Hub

  • Select Hub again

  • Then follow the instructions, it'll ask you to setup using Ethernet or WiFi. Then continue to follow the instructions to setup your hub.


(Troubleshooting #1) If your hubs LED is stuck on flashing blue

In some cases, you may find that your hub may get stuck on flashing blue indicating that the hub itself did not detect the removal of the hub's registration to your account. Follow these steps to try and resolve that issue.

2. Open up the SmartThings App, if your hub is present here, make sure that you delete it from the app.
  • Open up SmartThings app
  • Tap the "Devices" tab
  • Scroll through all the pages/rooms that you have and find the hub
  • Press and hold the "Hub" widget until a popup appears.
  • Tap on "Edit"
  • Then click on Delete, then confirm this. You need to make sure that the hub has been fully cleared from your account.
2. Check Advanced Web Viewer, and make sure that the hub has been removed completely. 
3. Now factory reset your Smart Home Hub:
  1. Plug your hub into an Ethernet connection (This is required to allow the hub to sync with SmartThings cloud and detect any changes or removals from your account)
  2. Unpower your hub
  3. Press and hold the RESET button (keep holding)
  4. (While holding the RESET button) Power up your hub
  5. The yellow LED on your hub should start to flicker yellow/amber, if not, go back to step 2 in this set of steps.
  6. When the yellow LED becomes SOLID, wait 1 second, then release the RESET button.
  7. Allow the hub to fully boot up (These should be the LED states that you see from top to bottom)
    • Red
    • Magenta
    • blinking blue
    • flashing red/green
4. Now set up your hub again.