This page provides a solution for the frozen motion sensor over Multisensor Gen5 (ZW074) on SmartThings hub and form part of the larger Multisensor Gen5 user guide.

If you are having issues with the Multisensor Gen5 ZW074 motion sensor over the SmartThings interface, please install the bottom device handler which will solve the motion sensor issue for the Multisensor Gen5 ZW074. The custom device handler will fix a configuration issue found in the default device handler in SmartThings hub.

Download the device handler by clicking here.

  • To save the txt file, you can right click and choose "save link as..." to save it as a file.

Notes on configuration changes.

Parameter 101 [4 byte] = 255 //report all sensors

Parameter 111 [4 byte] = 30*60 //report all sensors every 30 minutes

Parameter 3 [2 byte] = 10 //timeout motion sensor after 10 seconds

Parameter 5 [1 byte] = 2 //report binary sensor instead of basic report

Parameter 4 [1 byte] = 1 //enable motion sensor

If you are looking to modify the command set, please contact Aeotec Support through our ticket system who will be able to help you with the changes you are looking for if you do not know how to make the changes yourself.

Update Logs


  • Removed copy compatibility setting to solve error message.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Web IDE and click on the "My Device Types" link on the top menu (login here:
  2. Click on "Locations" at the top left of your screen
  3. Select your gateway to choose where to install the device handler
  4. You may need to login again, if not, continue to step 5.
  5. Create a new Device Handler by  clicking on "New Device Handler" button in the upper-right  corner.
  6. Click on "From Code."
  7. Copy the code from the text file attached (MS Gen5 - ST hub fix.txt), and paste it into the code section.
  8. Install it on your Multisensor Gen5 by going to "My Devices" page in the IDE
  9. Find your Multisensor Gen5.
  10. Go to the bottom of the page for the current Multisensor Gen5 and click on "Edit."
  11. Find the "Type" field and select your device handler. (should be located at the bottom of the list as Aeon Multisensor Gen5 Battery Settings - Fixed).
  12. Click on "Update"
  13. Save Changes

Additional Steps

Once the device handler has been installed you must click on the configure button and wake up the Multisensor Gen5.

-Configure it

1) Tap the configure button

2) Wakeup the Multisensor Gen5 by pressing and holding its button for 5 seconds then release.

3) Test the motion sensor after a minute of waiting