Most of Aeotec's resellers work hard to provide their own customers with proper service and warranty; our best partners are those who understand Z-Wave, can help you get the most out of any of our devices, and who can provide you with a proper warranty service when needed. Unfortunately, a few bad apples try to sell goods without any offer of warranty, service or product knowledge with some of these including grey-market resellers who offer products without warranty in the first place. Grey market selling is typically not illegal but devices do not carry an Aeotec warranty - instead grey market sellers must provide their own warranty and can often legally do so at an additional cost.

To help you purchase goods from authorised resellers, we try to include an up-to-date list 'where to buy' links at the bottom of each product page for each of our devices. The list is not absolute or perfect; some Amazon resellers do not provide warranty or service, and we work to prevent them from accessing our products or selling grey-market product wherever possible. Further, some authorised resellers sell obsolete devices which longer carry an Aeotec warranty due to age. 

We note that the following companies are not authorised resellers and resell Aeotec products that are not covered by our warranty;

  • Buy Dig / BuyDig of New Jersey in the United States
  • Beach Camera / BeachCamera of New Jersey in the United States
  • The Smartest House

If choosing to purchase from any unauthorised reseller, or choosing to purchase any obsolete device, please investigate your service, support, and warranty options fully.